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We offer training and certification, which establish that a person is professional and competent in the field of firearms and ammunition. is staffed by leading international experts in nearly every aspect of the field of firearms, and establishes a benchmark, by which those who handle firearms and ammunition professionally may be gauged.

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About Us

IFSA offers the ability for a firearm professional to become accredited as a Certified Firearm Specialist. Such accreditation serves as the benchmark by which firearm professionals may be gauged. CFS certification establishes that a person is a competent professional in the field of safe and accurate firearm and ammunition handling, and identification.

As they say, “What you don’t know can hurt you”. Whether you’re in law enforcement, a dealer, a collector, or in the legal profession, you risk injury, property damage, lost cases or business, professional embarrassment, and/or the loss of personal property or licensing. This is due to what you may not know about firearms and their handling, and the laws and regulations concerning them.  We offer expert testimony, live training seminars and E-learning courses.

Why Choose Us?

  • Former ATF Academy and International Law Enforcement Academy staff will provide accurate, up-to-date information based on Federal Law, rulings, and regulations.
  • Every member of our staff has a minimum of 30 years experience. Our staff has a combined 450 years of experience at what we do!
  • We are the only company of our kind because our Specialists cover every facet of the firearm and ammunition field.
  • We are the only company which offers the ability to become accredited as a Certified Firearm Specialist.
  • We offer personalized training at your site and the ability to do E-learning at your pace in the office, or the comfort of your own home.
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