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  Marc Adler – Attorney

Born and raised in South Florida, Marc Adler, is the President of Allan Adler Consulting. His firm specializes in firearm law and compliance. Marc also serves as Legal Council to several prominent firearm companies and organizations. Mr. Adler has a passion for the firearm industry, and is constantly working to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. More importantly, he is dedicated to inform the public about the importance of the Second Amendment. He has trained hundreds of students in the law of self defense, and continues to lecture. Marc is constantly adding to his extensive instructor credentials, most recently graduating from Rangemaster, with an instructor certification. Prior to attending law school at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Marc graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Criminology. During his undergraduate studies, Adler served as Student Body President of the University of Florida and was the first student member of the University Board of Trustees. Marc is a proud Gator and along with his wife, also a former UF Student Body President. They enjoy traveling to attend every Gator game they can.

Bret Bartlett,  Tampa PD Captain – Retired

Bret Bartlett retired from the Tampa Police Department at the rank of Captain with almost 32 years of service. Some of his assignments at TPD included the Commander of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Major Crimes Bureau, and Internal Affairs Bureau. He was the agency’s lead firearms instructor for many years.
Bret remains certified as a firearms instructor by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, by the State of Florida as a firearms instructor for armed guards and private investigators, and by the National Rifle Association, both for civilian and law enforcement courses. He also certified as a Firearm Specialist by the IFSA.
He holds a Master’s Degree in Education (concentration in adult education) from Northwestern State University (Louisiana), and is an adjunct instructor for both the Hillsborough Community College and Pasco/Hernando State College for basic recruit academies and for-credit classes.
He is a Florida-licensed Private Investigator and is the owner of Ex Umbra Defense Solutions, a Florida LLC that offers private investigations, executive protection, private security, and firearms training.

James M. Gannalo, NYPD Detective – Retired 

 Mr. Gannalo is a practicing forensic firearms examiner/training consultant in the fields of firearm
operability, microscopic analysis of ballistics evidence and shooting incident reconstruction. He provides professional assistance to attorneys, municipalities and law enforcement agencies for case evaluation, courtroom and trial presentation in both criminal prosecution and civil litigation. He has been recognized as an expert witness in trials linked to firearms and their operability, ballistics, and identification, as well as microscopy, shooting incident reconstruction, gunshot-residue analysis and muzzle-to-target distance determination examinations. Mr. Gannalo has created and/or instructed a number of forensic training programs for firearm ID, shooting incident reconstruction and expert witness courtroom testimony. 

Dennis Healy, NYPD – Retired

Mr. Healy served with the New York City Police Department as a Police Officer/Detective in the Emergency Services Unit, as a Tactical Paramedic Instructor, and is certified by the FBI, FPS and the State of New York as an EMT/Tactical Paramedic. He attended CUNY College. He has been awarded over a dozed medals by NYPD. He is an Instructor for Counter Narcotics/Terrorism Tactical Operations Medical Support Program, and has conducted technical rescue training for the Port Authority Police Emergency Service Unit, including; High Angle Rescue, Subway and Rail Emergencies, Animal Control, Confined Space, Surface Water, Ice, and Protester/Demonstrator situations. He is a Specialist in law enforcement Special Operations including: SWAT, Tactical Medicine, HazMat and WMDs. He has served on the protective details of two U.S Presidents, a Pope, and several foreign Heads of State, and has served security details in several overseas locations.

Michael P. Keefe, Chicago Police Department

Patrolman Keefe brings 35 years of Law Enforcement experience with the Houston PD,  Evanston PD and currently Chicago PD. Mike has attended and instructed numerous  marksmanship, tactical training  and armorers courses.  He has earned medals and commendations for his police service, including 2 Life Saving Awards, Outstanding Overall Recruit and Chicago Police Academy’s “Top Gun” Award. His marksmanship credentials include Distinguished Rifleman badge #1464, Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge #1264, 2002 Police National Service Pistol Champion (Ancient Archer Trophy),  The President’s Hundred Medal (9x),  NRA Distinguished Revolver Badge and 50 plus Excellence in Competition Medals for state and national service pistol competitions. He has served on the range staff of Houston Police Department, Evanston PD and Chicago PD. Mike has served as captain of the Chicago Police  Pistol Team at Camp Perry. He has  NRA Master Classification for PPC Revolver, High Power Rifle and Conventional Pistol, and has been published in police and firearm periodicals.

  Joseph W. Mann, ATF Special Agent – Retired

Having a Master’s Degree from the American Military University, Joe Mann served in the U.S. Air Force, and then with the U.S. Secret Service.
From 1991 to 2014 he served an ATF Special Agent specializing in the investigation of arson and explosives, where he provided technical
assistance to Special Agents and other law enforcement officers engaged in the investigations of explosives and fires, and instructed these topics.

Joe is an ATF Certified Explosives Specialist, who served for years on the elite ATF National Response Team, conducting post-blast investigations and
providing technical assistance to State and Local bomb squads and other ATF agents nation-wide. His duties included the investigation of
explosions, bombings, providing safe disposal of explosive materials, and providing explosive diagnostic capabilities for special events.

As an ATF Special Response Team member, Joe was tasked with providing an immediate nationwide response capability to arson and explosive incidents clearly beyond the resources, capabilities and expertise of other Federal, State and Local agencies and/or ATF Field Divisions. Specifically,
to assist in post-blast and post-fire scene examinations, documenting the scene, collection of evidence and interviewing witnesses, and deployment of
state-of-the art forensic mapping equipment to effectuate professional documentation of the scene.  Joe has participated in the scene
examination of over one hundred and twenty-five post blast explosive scenes and approximately one hundred fires scenes. He has initiated
over one hundred explosive and fire scene investigations during the course of his tenure with ATF.  He has coordinated, instructed and/or
participated in over fifty live training explosive scenarios for post blast investigation training, and has conducted or participated in
approximately fifty destructions involving explosive materials.

Daniel O’Kelly, ATF Special Agent – Retired

Mr. O’Kelly retired from ATF in 2011 with 23 years as a Special Agent and Supervisor. Having been a life-long student of firearm design, history, manufacture and use, he is an elite expert in the field. He first served for 10 years as a Police Patrolman and Detective. As a certified firearm range instructor since 1981, as well as a builder and collector of firearms and ammunition, he is a factory trained Armorer for thirteen gun companies, and has toured and done research at numerous firearm and ammunition factories and reference collections across the U.S., Europe and Africa. He has taught at the international law enforcement academies in Europe and Africa, and he regularly presents seminars on firearm and ammunition enforcement/technology/compliance, and has been a court-certified expert witness since 1990.

Hendrick J. Odendaal, Detective Captain,  South African Police Service

Captain Odendaal is a career Detective with 28 years of service in the South African Police Service. His specialization in firearms began as a founder-member of the Illegal Firearm Investigation Unit (IFIU) in South Africa. He is a certified Range Instructor, Foreign Weapons Instructor, and facilitator in the field of small arms. He is an international expert in firearms and their technology. He is involved in the ongoing training and execution of cross-border operations under SARPCCO and INTERPOL, in the SADC region of Africa. Mr. Odendaal has a special interest in firearm identification, concealment techniques and trafficking routes related to illicit small arms smuggling. He has taught classes on the topics in Sub-Saharan Africa, USA and Canada, including as a guest speaker at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Gabarone, Botswana.

Allan Offringa, ATF Special Agent – Retired

Mr. Offringa has for over 50 years, had a personal interest in the history of firearms and ammunition. He retired in 2002 after 31 years of service with ATF as a Special Agent, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Central University of Iowa. He has done research at government reference collections of firearms and ammunition in England, Hong Kong, Australia, and Germany, as well as several in the U.S. He began his career as a Special Agent with the U.S Custom’s Service, and prior to that was a Police Officer. During his tenure with ATF, Mr. Offringa served as the Lead Firearm Instructor for the Boston Field Division, and has taught at the International Law Enforcement Academies in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. He is considered an international authority on firearms. He has completed numerous Armorer Courses, and continues to operate as an experienced licensed dealer, specializing in NFA firearms.

Joseph M. Rustick, M.D.

Dr. Rustick holds a Bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University, and graduated Georgetown School of Medicine. He has 36 years of medical practice, with clinical experience at Georgetown University Hospital, National Naval Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Hospital, D.C. General Hospital and Sirroca Medical Center (Beersheva, Israel). He practiced Emergency Medicine, with a further Anesthesiology Residency Training Program. His tenure as Chief Resident included teaching and supervision, consultation with the surgical services, and working in the Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Rustick has also practiced Anesthesia. He joined the Trauma Team at St. Joseph’s Hospital, with over 94,000 hours of practice. He later joined Public Safety Group of Woodbridge, VA., as Director of Military Medicine. His duties involved lecturing to US Government and military on the medical aspects of chemical and biological warfare. He has also received a Letter of commendation from the American College of Physicians. He then served on the trauma team at John C. Lincoln Hospital, and joined the anesthesia staff of the Arizona Heart Hospital, where he continued until 2004. Having a background in firearms also, Dr. Rustick formed Arms Tech Ltd. in 1987, and has since produced over 50 products for military and Special Forces. He has five firearm patents, with seven more pending. The products are in the areas of automatic weapons, sniper rifles, suppressors and field loadable munitions. He has published several writings, both public and restricted.

John A. Subic, FDLE, Retired

Mr. Subic retired in 2016 with a total of 34 years of law enforcement experience.  Mr. Subic served as a uniform patrol officer with the Monroe County, Florida Sheriff’s Offiice, Detective, and as a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

John conducted various investigations to include property crimes, homicides, domestic and international narcotics investigations, officer involved shootings/ use of force as well as firearms investigations.  He served as a Detail Leader for a dignitary protect team. While a member of Special Operations Team, South he functioned as an entry member, designated marksman and chemical agent operator. He last served as the Team Leader for the FDLE Special Operations Team, South and as the Primary Firearms Instructor for the FDLE, Miami Regional Operations Center.  John is a certified firearms instructor and armorer on several weapons platforms.  He has instructed firearms, defensive tactics, impact weapons, chemical agents, SWAT and dignitary protection courses.

Barbara C. Wolf, M.D.

Barbara C. Wolf, M.D., combines the roles of Doctor, Scientist and Detective in her job as a Forensic Pathologist, doing hands-on work from performing autopsies to providing expert testimony in child abuse cases. She is the active District Medical Examiner for her area of responsibility in the southeastern U.S. She is also the forensic pathologist for Florida’s Child Abuse Death Review Committee, and lectures throughout the country on the forensic pathology and the medico-legal evaluation of cases of suspected child abuse. As a Medical Examiner, she also has a distinguished and recognized expertise in Gun Shot Wound pathology. Dr. Wolf is a graduate from Boston University’s program in Liberal Arts and Medical Education. She began her career in forensic pathology when she started a private consulting practice providing forensic pathology services to law enforcement, and other members of the criminal justice system. Additionally, Dr. Wolf joined the Medico-legal Investigation Unit of the New York State Police, serving as the Director of Forensic Medicine until she relocated to her present position in 2001. She is also the forensic pathologist for her State’s Child Abuse Death Review Committee, and lectures throughout the country on the medico-legal evaluation of cases of suspected child abuse. Dr. Wolf has also gained national and international exposure from a number of high profile cases. The re-evaluation of these deaths led to the conviction of the mother for the suffocation murders of several infants. She has also worked with a group of other forensic scientists in Croatia and Bosnia, to assist in the ID of the remains in mass war graves. She subsequently testified before a U.S. Congress Commission about the group’s findings.

Edward W. Wallace JR., NYPD – Retired

Mr. Edward W. Wallace Jr. has served the NYPD for over 20 years and retired April of 2004. During his tenure with the NYPD, Mr. Wallace performed various law enforcement duties including, Unformed Patrol, Plain Clothes Patrol, Training Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, and finally Counter Terrorism Investigator. Mr. Wallace held the coveted NYPD rank of Detective First Grade. Mr. Wallace spent 15 years in Crime Scene Investigations and investigated 2649 crimes scenes including both World Trade Center Attacks, the October 2001 Anthrax Attack, and has given testimony as a forensic expert in 393 trials.

James E. Yurgealitis, ATF Special Agent – Retired

Mr. Yurgealitsis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Psychology from St. John Fisher College. He retired as a Senior Special Agent from ATF after 23 years, having served for over 10 years as the Program Manager for Forensic Services at the ATF National Laboratory Center, where he directed the administration of ATF’s forensic training programs, including the National Firearms Examiner Academy’s for State and local Forensic Firearm Examiner Trainees and two additional forensic training programs. Earlier, James was the Violent Crime Coordinator for ATF’s Baltimore Field Division, managing a joint law enforcement initiative between ATF, the United States Attorney’s office, the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore City States Attorney’s Office and the Maryland State Police. There, he reviewed over 400 State and local firearms arrests annually for referral to the USAO and Federal prosecution. He testified before Federal Grand Juries over 75 times annually, and was recognized as an expert witness in the identification, operability and origin of firearms and ammunition in three Federal Judicial Districts.



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