Host a Seminar

Want to host a seminar?

IFSA is constantly seeking new partnership opportunities within the law enforcement community and the firearm industry to co-sponsor our training courses. Co-sponsoring a course is a really great opportunity for any agency or company.

There is no cost to co-sponsor, and relatively nothing to do. As a co-sponsor, your agency will receive several complimentary seats at each training course. A free slot is given to the host agency for every 5 paying students that are registered, and even more slots may be authorized, depending on the size of the classroom.

The only responsibilities of the co-sponsoring agency, are to provide a location for the course that has access to audio/visual equipment, to recommend a location for lodging to those traveling in, and to email our brochure to neighboring agencies once we agree on a date. IFSA will handle all registrations, marketing, travel expenses, training materials, handouts and certificates of completion. IFSA can also provide all A/V equipment, if needed.

What is the sponsor responsible for providing?

As the co-sponsors, we ask that you provide a comfortable location for the course. This can be a classroom at your agency or a hotel conference room. The most important factor is that the room has a projector and screen compatible for use with a laptop computer.
We also ask that you recommend  lodging that is convenient to the course location.
Note: Our 3 day course involves hands-on, practical exercises. It’ is very helpful to have some firearms available that may be examined hands-on by the attendees.  There is no ammunition allowed in the classroom, and no live-fire or range-use is included in our courses.

What courses are being offered?

The Firearm Technology and Specialist Training course is 24 hours (3 days) and allows for certification as a Firearm Specialist upon passing optional testing.
The block on Court Testimony is optional, as are all blocks of instruction, and the length of a course and its subject matter can be customized to meet the needs of your agency.
We also offer a 1 day ATF Compliance seminar.
The cost of the 3-day Firearm Technology/ID and Testimony training course is $550 per attendee, and the 1-day Compliance course is $185 per attendee.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students for a course?

The minimum number of paying students is 15 for a 3-day course, and 25 for the 1-day course. If the minimum number is not reached within 2-3 weeks of the class date, the course may be postponed/cancelled at IFSA’s discretion. Generally, there is no maximum cap for a course. If needed, we’ll usually go by the maximum capacity of the course location.

How will the course be advertised?

After a date is agreed upon, we will create a brochure that your department must email  as widely as possible to surrounding agencies. We will also be posting the course on our website and others, and social media.

Contract Courses

Interested in training a large number of officers/personnel?  All IFSA courses can be conducted on a contract basis for a flat fee.  Your agency would be in complete control of who attends the seminar. The price for a contract course is negotiable, and depends on the location, number in attendance and length of the course. The minimum numbers for the courses are the same as above. For any additional information on contracting a course, please contact us at:


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